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You are valuable to God; Know your value.

“Do you know your value?” As I lay in bed listening to Travis Greene’s you waited, this question kept popping up. How many of us truly know our value or worth? I have seen a lot of posts online talking about self-worth and it’s non-determining factors like standards set up by the entertainment industry, social media, opinions of other people and so on. Although people make seemingly deep and philosophically profound statements, status updates or picture captions about self-love, value or worth, I find that their lives do not emanate these things. Before I jump into this abyss of fake deep, what should be the basis of said value?

Do you know your value?

If you go to a store today and pick up an item for purchase, there is a price tag attached to that item. According to the retailer, the price attached to that item is the worth of that item right? Okay, follow me with this train of thought, for example, a pair of shoes cost XYZ amount so that is its value/worth and if I chose to buy it I agree that it is worth that amount. The Bible shows us that God saw us and said: you know what I’m going to send my son Jesus to die for them. He bought us with a price (1 Corinthians 6: 19-20) which was the life and blood of Jesus (1 Peter 1:18-19) so in other words, you were worth the life of Jesus.  Jesus thought your life was as valuable as his, mind blowing!. I know some antennas are going off but it’s okay you will get it. You might say “but Ebi, he died for the entire world so technically the value of his life is worth all our lives put together” but Jesus helps us understand that one life is as valuable as all lives (Luke 15: 3-10) if you were the only one Jesus would still come to die for you. So yes you are worth the life of Jesus. How precious is that! He loved you so much that he didn’t think twice to lay his life done for you. I know It’s easy to accept the fact that God loves everyone, but when it’s time to personalise it, it becomes so hard to fathom.Truly he loves you as much as he loves Jesus (John 17:23 TLB).
When you come to this understanding, you will not accept certain things. You won’t act, speak or live out of character and nature you now possess. You won’t allow certain people in your life or accept certain treatments because royalty is in your DNA *bursts into song and sings the only line I know, LOL*. Anything not consistent with the word of God can’t be your reality seeing that you know the one who bought you, the price he paid and the life he has given you. I know as Christians it sounds “humble” when we say “who am I, I’m nothing. I’m just an ordinary guy or girl ” Stop it! God didn’t think you were nothing or ordinary when he sent Jesus, so why would you think or say otherwise? Even if someone tells you; you are nothing or you don’t deserve anything good remember the price that was paid for you, that in itself should put a spring in your step. Do not forget you are as valuable to God as Jesus is.

Today’s lesson:  If anyone asks you what makes you think you’re special, tell them what was paid to get you!- Pastor Chris.


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