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Rest in God

He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken. Psalm 62:2 (NLT)

Last week I stumbled on an article written by Joana Gaines from Chip and Jo’s Fixer Upper (which by the way is one of my favourite shows on fine living), and Psalm 62:2 was the anchor scripture for this write-up. At the time when I saw this I was going through a rough time, I was a mess, everything had come crashing in one week and anything that could go wrong went wrong. In this article, Jo explains how this scripture helped her release her tight hold on things and just let God’s peace rid her of her fears and worries.

As I sat in my room and spoke this scripture over and over again with tears in my eyes, I began to tell myself ” I am in God, why should I fear? He takes care of his own, he can handle anything.” I started to feel at ease and more confident than I was before about the whole situation. Lo and behold, the next day something else went wrong, at first I responded with panic, all I could think in my head was: I just need one thing to go right, just one thing but apparently, I can’t get a break. So I went home distort, the moment I stepped into my house my attitude changed, at first I was ready to whine and just feel sorry for myself (truthfully I did for a few minutes) but I sat down and began to speak this scripture to God and tell him what he had said to me in his word. At that point in time it felt like I was trying to convince God but now that I think about it I was convincing myself. It seemed like I was telling God to remember what he said but I was the one who needed to hear it. After my conversation with God, I got up ready to tackle the situation and I knew what to do, I said to myself “somehow this is going to be fixed”. Long story short it was handled. After that point, I took everything else in stride knowing that he will take care of me. In fact, what I was asking God for at the beginning of that week changed,  I started to ask for something totally different and absolutely ludicrous to the natural man but I am spirit and I operate based on spiritual principles like “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

When you grasp even the tiniest bit of who your father is, in situations of distress you won’t panic you will just REST in him knowing he can handle it and even if you started out panicking you will reset your focus. He is your rock; the best foundation you can ever have, a house built on the right foundation is not scared of the storms. He is your salvation; the NET bible says “My deliverer” he can bring you out of anything. He is your fortress, stronghold, defence and refuge -he will keep you safe. David was able to grasp this that’s why he said  “I will never be shaken” KJV say “I will never be greatly shaken” Indeed nothing can move you. This is the kind of confidence God wants us to have in him, he wants you to rest in him.
Today’s lesson:  Take rest my soul, Jesus is lord, yes he is good – D-i Akhigbe




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  1. Happy one year anniversary to the Epistle of Charis!! 😀 🙂 Well done Ebi 🙂 Cheers to all the future posts yet to be written!!!!!

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