The Best Gift (part 2)

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Prior to this, when Jesus was taken to the high court, Peter had followed Jesus and the guards who were with him to the high priest. While he was there in the courtyard, his loyalty was tested and just as Jesus said he denied him- 3times! The next morning Jesus was taken to Pilate the […]

Stay prepared, don’t play catch-up.

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So I’m in the kitchen making sandwiches for dinner as I watch (well technically listen to) ball girl magic with Ros Gold Onwude and Yvonne Orji and the guest A.J Andrews says “…I feel like you should stay prepared rather than trying to catch-up…” and this instantly reminded me of a post I wanted to […]

You are valuable to God; Know your value.

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“Do you know your value?” As I lay in bed listening to Travis Greene’s you waited, this question kept popping up. How many of us truly know our value or worth? I have seen a lot of posts online talking about self-worth and it’s non-determining factors like standards set up by the entertainment industry, social media, […]

Rest in God

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He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken. Psalm 62:2 (NLT) Last week I stumbled on an article written by Joana Gaines from Chip and Jo’s Fixer Upper (which by the way is one of my favourite shows on fine living), and Psalm 62:2 was the anchor […]


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Who is a father? In my opinion, this is a loaded question, there are so many assumptions about who a father is and what role he should play. Some say a father is one who provides- as long as he pays for their welfare or he pays child support, others say as long as he […]

Enjoy Your Father’s Presence

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Do you know God is with you? My mum says “God is with you” to me when I say or do something that makes absolutely no sense and she doesn’t want to dignify my unwise act or speech with a lengthy response, lol. But seriously do you know? God is with you because he is […]